DSC_1423Over the past 8 months I’ve been a part of moving myself or a close family member 8 times! Yes, it does sound crazy! Yes, I am for real! First we moved to a new house about 3 miles from our former house. After that I moved my mother, sister, and several of my children to new houses or college. No need for a moving company when your the mother of many young adults. We rented a truck and loaded up our SUV’s.
The one thing that always gets me is moving the CLOTHES!!! It is my ADHD nature to just throw them in the backseat or the back of the SUV and get going but y’all know what happens….they start falling off the hangers and you have a trail of clothes and for me it becomes a trail of tears begging for help! I don’t want to take everything off the hangers and I sure don’t want to buy those expensive hanging boxes or clothing bags. What’s a good southern girl to do? Use trash bags! White of course!! Now I know what you are thinking but stop that…. not just throwing them all in but making the trash bags a classy disposable garment bag. I even made ours Lily Pulitzer looking! You know that Southern girls must do things with style!
Here is how:
1. Get out your kitchen size white trash bags. If your lucky they are scented!
2. Go to your local Walmart and get a cute roll of Duck Tape – Lily looking of course!
3. Put about a 4 inch piece of duck tape on the bag.No! Stop! Do not measure to make sure you are in the center of the bag. This is what gets us ADHD types distracted. I start wasting time by folding the bag in half and measuring the duck tape to make sure it is perfect!
4. Cut a V in the tape after folding it over.
5. Stuff about 8-10 hangers in the bag. Did you notice what happened to the bag in the middle without the cute duck tape? It started tearing! Don’t get redneck on me here. You must use the cute duck tape.
6. Tie up the bottom.
Now, throw them in the backseat or the back of the SUV, moving truck, etc. They will not drop on the ground, floor board, etc. and get dirty!
Don’t y’all think they are cute?

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